Our Visions Values and Strategy

Our Vision

At Crabbs Cross surgery we aim to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients in a safe and welcoming environment. Our team are approachable, respectful and patient-centred, promoting a strong community feeling.

We aim to provide a safe and fulfilling working environment ensuring staff are up to date with training and encouraged to develop their skills.

We will seek to collaborate and work in partnership to strengthen community links and respond to local, regional and national initiatives including working with our PCN.

We continue to develop the relationships between staff and patients at the practice emphasising mutual respect, patient choice, shared decision-making and continuous learning.

Our Values and Strategy


We ensure we take responsibility for our actions, and are open and transparent to the people who use our service. We follow the NHS constitution principles to remain patient centred and allow our services to meet the needs of our patients as well as their expectation.


We are consistent in the way we deal with people, both patients and staff, we act courteously, show consideration, compassion and understanding valuing each person as an individual.

We work to high standards of excellence ensuring the services we provide are safe, effective and patient focused and that appropriate services are available to all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic status.


We strive to achieve a high level of medical care for our patients. We maintain our professional learning and follow guidelines where appropriate to do so. We continue to invest in our staff and provide a nurturing and supportive community.


We constantly review the service we provide and improve it when and where possible. We use all available resources, including technology to provide the best service we can.


We focus on being a patient centred practice.

We respect and value everyone for their contribution, we celebrate peoples’ differences and provide equality of opportunity for all without discrimination.